A.D. 2015

short documentary movie,
Georgia, Germany, 2015

Director: Kathuna Khundadze
DOP: Laura Kansy
Producer: Kathuna Khundadze

- Tiblisi International Film festival, 2016, Special Mention in the category Best Short Film
- DokYard, 2016


Georgian Film studio is one of world's oldest movie studios and has produced 800 full-length, short, and TV features, 600 documentaries and 300 animation movies. Now, in 2015, it looks like a ghost land. 3 employees - Robert, an Armenian, Gavaz, a Kurd and Nani, a Georgian, who are below 80 years old, are working together in the laboratory, like a family. They are waiting for better times.

Cinematography, short documentary movie, Georgia, 2015