A certain person

short documentary movie
25 min, Germany, 2016

Director: Annika Sehn, Virktor Schimpf
DOP: Laura Kansy
Producer: Nordpolaris, University for Television and Film

- Dok.Fest Munich, 2016, education.award
- Award „Dokumentarfilmpreis für junge Menschen 2016“


“In the beginning there was only one human with all genders, it was perfect.”

Imagine a world in which the categories woman and man no longer exist and identity is an individual matter. Sexes and gender are reinvented and freely combined. The Film travels through a night in this utopian reality, encountering androgynous people, some are elusive, others stay longer. The situation is permanently changing: parties, catwalks, shootings, work, foreign beds. There is a singer, an elephant keeper, a model, a storyteller, a small child – no one can be classified, everyone is different. An observation of a society that accepts all beings regardless of their biology.

cinematography, short documentary movie, 2016