video installation
10 min, Germany, 2021

Concept: Josephin Hanke with @nnast_antn
Director, editing: Josephin Hanke
Director of photography: Laura Kansy
Performer: D’Andrade, @nnast_antn, Peter Odinzow

Set in an unspecified future, LEADERS* is a science fiction series surrounding its protagonists’ struggle for freedom within a dystopian world. In the course of the first episode, titled „Fermented Prospects“, NN collects data chips from three robots with whom she immediately forms a conspiratorial alliance. The avatars’ subversive behaviour is accompanied by an erotic exchange that mutates into their form of communication and resistance. While trying to survive in the capitalist’s ruins they have inherited, they embark on a quest for collective futurity, performed and embodied as a constant longing for a utopian togetherness.

exhibition: Kunstverein Braunschweig, 2021

cinematography, short film, Germany, 2021