Ruth’s mantles

short fiction movie,
30min, Germany, 2016

Director: Anuk Milandinovic
DOP: Laura Kansy
Producer: Anuk Milandinovic


The video work “Ruth” by Anuk Miladinović is a portrait of the art historian Ruth P.

In the visual, the focus is on Ruth’s passion to stage herself, e.g. in numerous selfies, and on her devotion to her second husband, the successful architect C. P., who married her when she was at the age of 33.
Over the complete video, letters from and to Ruth, as well as excerpts from her autobiography and from the artist portfolio of Ruth and C.’s art collection are read.
The young Ruth is represented by Linnéa Schwarz and Ruth after the death of C. by Jörg Besser.
The equipment of the set and the costume mostly consist of Ruth’s legacy. The interior is modeled on her last residence, originally designed and built by C. The scenes are staged in a painting way and inspired by samples from the research material.

cinematography, short fiction movie, Germany, 2016